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"I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams."

I was drawing since I can remember. Started when I was a kid and drew with more or less breaks through the years. Now I'm interested in all kinds of art. No matter if it's drawings, paintings, photos, books, comics, movies, music, video games, or different genre of arts. As long as they tells interesting story and arouse emotions I like it. I still draw and take pictures personally to express my feelings or when I want to communicate something important for me. Of course, also for fun. It's my hobby. You can be sure that I appreciate your work if it catch my eyes. I salute all those who found themselves in widely understood art.

Current Residence: Konin Poland
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Grunge, Punk rock, Classical music
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegel, Bender
Personal Quote: Be calm on the outside but wild at heart.
    Time flies... Today is exactly 10 years since I joined DeviantArt community. It was quite a trip so far. When I look back I see the way I have behind me. You can see it too in my gallery. At least that part of my way which concerns my creativity and artistic development. But not only that. Just like many of you I've been through a lot to get where I am today. If you look closely enough you can understand how this could influenced my view of the world and find its reflection in my works. In a way I'm grateful for all that has happened to me. Because of this, I don't swim only on the surface and I'm not the shallow person. I have the opportunity to look and feel deeper, and there are pearls hidden at the bottom.

By this time DeviantArt has become my window to the world. A place where I can show the fruits of my labor. Thanks to my stay here I found out how many awesome and crazy talented people are out there. Among other things this helped me to understand that the world is and still could be a better place than I thought in my turbulent youth. My activity helped me grow as an photographer and go ahead with my artworks. Although I recently focused more on taking pictures, I started here by sharing my drawings. I haven't finished any art school or photography courses. I don't have expensive equipment. So my efforts can be a great example of that something meaningful and well worth the attention can be achieved by anyone, who have the heart and passion for it. DeviantArt is still a source of inspiration for my imagination. I still admire and learn a lot from people who publish their works here.
First thing I submit to DeviantArt on 23-11-2007

    What I'm currently best known for is my photography. This passion was born from my love of nature in which I find freedom. My main motivation was to share it with others. I'm not a very open person. It took me a while to figure it out, how I would like to show and share my view of the world. To show that there's a beauty in the dark, that everything isn't always what it seems. I have the impression that I succeeded in some way, but it's definitely not the end. I believe we can look in nature as in a mirror and better understand ourselves, since we're a part of it and we are connected with it on many levels. I think it's important to remind of it in a world that has largely turned away from nature. No one ever knows what the future will bring but I hope it will take me to new interesting places in photography and in art. There are still new things for me, waiting to be discovered.

    I would like to say thank you to all my watchers. Those who have been with me before and the new ones as well. Thank you for staying with me for such a long time and for all the support I received from you. Hope I'll see you around in the future. Take care of yourselves!
  • Listening to: Porcupine Tree - Time Flies
  • Reading: The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three
  • Watching: The Punisher
  • Playing: The Last of Us
  • Eating: Tangerines
  • Drinking: Tea


There is this band which records absolutely phenomenal renditions of well-known hits of popular music, giving them a new, different, mysterious character. It's called Death in Rome. I'm delighted with the style in which they do it (the Neofolk genre). Listening to them is unreal. These recordings have dark, pensive mood, full of melancholy and emotions. They use black and white scenes from old films to illustrate their covers. It deepens the perceived impression of music. Scenes from Andrei Tarkovsky movie "Ivan's childhood" were used in two videos which I chose. I appreciate him very much as a filmmaker. In his films you can find beautiful cinematography and the depth of the message. I invite you to get acquainted with the legacy of this outstanding director if you don't have a chance before.

It's again this time of year when everything is more bleak, stranger and scary. I think that Type O Negative music has the perfect mood for October and Halloween. I found on youtube fanmade music videos with scenes from movies that I appreciate a lot. They all contain horror atmosphere which I consider the most imaginative, haunting and beautifully dark.

Let me take you on a time travel to the times of my childhood, through the magical music of Clannad. These were times when brave "Robin of Sherwood" helped the oppressed people in the fight against evil and tyranny. Of course I didn't come into the world in medieval England (: What I'm writing about is the most magical and mysterious series about Robin Hood, preserved in the atmosphere of medieval mysticism and magic. It was created in the eighties. I was fascinated by the atmosphere of the show. Probably then my love for mysterious side of nature and mystical forests were born. I have always followed Robin's adventures with great excitement. It's hard to explain what exactly I felt when I was watching it. That was the feeling of wonder and of dealing with something unique and unusual, a touch of magic. It happened to me sometimes when I was a kid and I'm still trying to see it in the world that surrounds me. Music played a significant role in this. Take a listen and find out for yourself if you haven't heard Clannad before.
Here's link to the whole album "Legend" on Spotify:…

It's been almost a year since I started to show my photos from the Tatra Mountains here on DeviantArt. I was there in September last year and I'm very impressed to this day by their overwhelming beauty. Grandeur of mountain scenery is greatly reflected in the music of Michał Lorenc. He's one of the most outstanding composers of film music whose work I know. The soundtrack I'm sharing today is from the movie "Prowokator". It was filmed in the Tatra Mountains where part of the action takes place. This music has a special connection with the Tatras. The title of each instrumental piece refers to specific places in the mountains. Among them are those in which I was and those I haven't seen yet. Music written for the film fully reflects the spirit of wilderness, the mystery and epicness which surrounds the mountains, as well as their gentle side. I hope I was able to show all of these in my photographs so far and that I will show still.
Comparing with music the film wasn't that great, but it had
one more strong advantage - beautiful scenography. I wholeheartedly recommend also other music of Michał Lorenc.

Here's link to the movie soundtrack on Spotify:…

I discovered these songs by returning to Twin Peaks. Thanks to David Lynch and the rest of cast and crew behind the show. The music selection for the new season is perfect. Very emotional. I wonder if anyone here is watching and what are your impressions of new episodes? I was terrified by this show as a kid. It was one of the very few things on tv that could really scare me. At least when strange things took place. I guess it had a significant impact on shaping my imagination and sensitivity. New chapter of Twin Peaks story is even more strange and very different from what I've seen in the past. It seems to be more faithful to the flights of Lynch imagination. What doesn't surprise since he has directed all episodes. This is his piece of art. I can tell that I'm hooked on it. How about you?

This time I want to share music from my country. Many people are certainly familiar with it for the reason that this is a soundtrack from one of the most popular games of recent times. Speaking of "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" here. But even if someone isn't interested in games and don't know anything about the Witcher (if it's possible at all), I still recommend listen to it. Because the music created for the purpose of the game is incredible in its own right. Thanks to the great cooperation of composers Marcin Przybyłowicz and Mikołaj Stroiński with Polish folk metal band Percival Schuttenbach (whose name derives from the name of one of The Witcher characters from books). I have been listening to this music for a long time now and I find it highly inspirational and addictive. In my opinion, it can be compared with the best movie scores.
I was at the Percival concert few years before they record music for the game. They played for a small audience then. I heard some musical motifs that later came to light in The Witcher. So it's great that they succeeded to reach world's music audience, through the success of the game. I had the opportunity to exchange few words with them and they seem to be really cool and down to earth people. Their music and talent definitely deserved attention. I’m hooked on this soundtrack as much as on the books about Geralt which I read in the nineties.

Here's link to The Witcher 3 soundtrack on Spotify:…

Let me introduce you to Mark Lanegan (if you don't know about him already). He was one of the voices of grunge era, a vocalist in the band Screaming Trees. Since then he has been leading a very successful solo career, performing with the band under his own name for many years. He's not only a talented singer (has a distinctive baritone voice) but also a songwriter. Recently his new album "Gargoyle" was released. I strongly recommend his music, which is often mysterious, dark and poetic.

Here's some great music to get in the right mood to explore darker sides of nature and reach deeper than the superficiality in perceiving the world. I'm very much into this genre at this moment of my life. Music of Black Willows is powerful and atmospheric. Listening to this album can be a spiritual experience. Take a listen and check for yourself ; )

There are probably not too many people who have never heard amazing music of the late James Horner. He was certainly one of the finest composers of film scores and his work appeared in the movies of outstanding directors. I consider his music awe-inspiring for many years and recently started listen to it again. It's absolutely wonderful. If you are looking for inspiration in music, his legacy is an invaluable source.

Here's link to the whole "Braveheart" soundtrack:…

I thought that it would be cool to share with you some music which for me is inspiring. Maybe you will feel the same way about it. I listen to this album a lot lately.

Here's link to Oh Hiroshima - "In Silence We Yearn" on Spotify:…



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